Updates to Google Shopping

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FeedMarch 20, 2019


Updates to Google Shopping Feed

In a surprising post, Google has announced a new policy set to help merchants that rely on organic, rather than paid traffic. Outlined in an article from the search giant, the new capability is set to bring more traffic to smaller companies, expanding their reach and helping them find new customers.

The new capabilities on the Google Shopping Feed, allow all companies to update their products in real time, regardless of whether they are utilizing paid advertising or not. This is a huge deal for smaller companies with tight budgets that have not been able to take advantage of Google Shopping before now!


We work with a variety of companies, that have different advertising budgets. Not only are we well-versed in how to maximize a Google Adwords spend, we know how to stretch an advertising dollar.

With this update, Google has effectively made it easier for smaller companies with smaller ad budgets to show up in a Google Shopping search.

For larger companies already using Google ads, there is no additional cost for this service. Google is the largest search engine in the world, and this new feature will allow companies of all sizes to bring new products to consumers’ attention as they launch!



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