Google Analytics for the UX Strategist

Reports to Help Improve your User ExperienceMar 12, 2018

Mining Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool. It provides a wide spectrum of very valuable information. The kind of information that gives you insight into how users are engaging with your digital experience.

There are about 100 reports, but there are 5 that are key to providing very useful for informing your UX strategy.

Mobile First

Mobile data consumption has eclipsed desktop devices. More people are accessing the Internet from smartphones than ever. Maybe mobile traffic on your digital experience hasn’t changed dramatically, but there’s no denying it’s becoming a mobile-first world. Even if mobile devices only account for 10% of your traffic, if it has been increasing consistently year over year, then it won’t take long to become a significant source of traffic. Google Analytics has some very helpful information in terms of mobile usage of your site.

You can find this useful information in Google Analytics by going to the Audience report and then drilling down to the Device Categorydimension to see your Mobile statistics.

Most Valuable Traffic

Understanding what sources of traffic performs the best is critical. This insight can help your teams make decisions where to make investments in terms of content and marketing.

In Google Analytics go to the Conversions report and then go to Goals > Overview. From this view you can select Source/Medium and now see what channels are producing the most goal completions.

Use Behaviour Data to Plan Your UX Strategy

The Nielsen Norman Group has published a great article to introduce how site analytics will provide valuable information for your UX strategy. This is the kind of information that can help you answer both high-level and detailed questions about your site — how well it serves users and meets your business goals.

Five Essential Analytics Reports for UX Strategists

Google Analytics is filled with very useful information for UX Strategists defining a baseline and tracking trends in order to define goals, strategies, and concepts for a brighter tomorrow.

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