Explainer video design with time-lapse animation

With recent growth of popularity of video content on social media, there are numerous options for marketers to create engaging content for promotion of products and lead generation. Explainer videos are not new and many organizations use them as part of their product sales cycle on ongoing basis. There are many ways to approach the design of explainer videos.

There are numerous tools such as Doodly.com and Videoscribe that allow users to create cartoon-like animations based on clip art or source artwork imitating the effects of drawing. In general tools are effective to achieve some result and will work for some end users. Limitations however prevent from developing original content which helps to connect with visitors on personal level.

Alternative is to use a time-lapse animation to create an original artwork for use in marketing. In the example above, we created an artworks to promote a training product by international healthcare informatics organization to help people prepare for certification exams. Executed in Procreate, art application, the time-lapse animation allows for direct interpretation of the idea by the artist and can be further enhanced in post production to achieve desired effects.

Importantly, time-lapse animation planning is different and can be single or several scenes if confined to 30 seconds or similar. Copy-based or illustration based, time-lapse animations are great tool for delivery of original, unique and cost-effective shareable and engaging social content.


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