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How do you reach customers from space? That was the challenge facing one of San Francisco’s brightest startups. Capella Space was already making waves within its own industry, but the industries that would benefit most from Capella’s extraordinary view of our planet had yet to conceive of the value. Grafik helped out by establishing a clear path to prospects—a way to capture the potential for greater insight and understanding of life on Earth.

This time is rocket science

Capella Space is creating a better world through the timely observation of our planet. Led by some of the most brilliant young minds in the space industry, Capella had been carefully considering every facet of their newly designed satellites and running countless tests to ensure their successful launch and deployment. But the startup hadn’t stopped to think about who they were, what they were enabling, and how they were shaking up the market.

After extensive interviews with Capella leadership, VCs, customers and partners, and competitive positioning exercises, we realized that the story is not in space, but the effect on Earth. This angle allowed Grafik to articulate “a new perspective” for the startup. We developed a new brand and messaging strategy to introduce prospective customers to the myriad commercial—and affordable—uses of space-based technology.

Down-to-earth positioning

With this in mind, Grafik created a brand and messaging strategy built on Capella’s groundbreaking approach to earth observation. We designed and developed a new website to drive awareness of real-world applications in everything from agriculture to infrastructure to disaster recovery, explicitly addressing the needs of core personas identified during strategy. For the site’s brand video, we let the team’s passion and boldness come through to bring the Capella story to life. The video has received over 6,000 views.

Image of wireframe web images.
Image of three mobile screens with Capella Space website displays.

The value of working with Grafik

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